How It Works

Think of it as a teller-assisted ATM transaction with options.

All you need is a Debit or ATM card from a PayNet participating credit union and a government-issued photo ID and you can make deposits in just about every area of town.

  1. Just show the check casher your ID and ATM or Debit card and say you’d like to make a deposit to your credit union account.
  2. The teller will ask you to swipe your card at a terminal on their counter and then follow the prompts.
  3. Hand your deposit to the teller and they will count it and hand you a receipt.  Your deposit is now in your credit union account. It’s that simple!

Do you need to deposit a check or cash to your account but can’t get to your credit union before it closes?  Many of our participating Check Cashers are open late and on weekends and some even offer 24 hour service.

Do you wish there was a branch of your credit union in the neighborhood you work or live in?  With over 160 locations in the five boroughs, as well as Long Island and Rockland County, there is likely to be a deposit location convenient for you.

Are Check Casher Locations Safe?  Yes!  The check cashers in the PayNet Deposit Network are all well-established, strictly regulated businesses, featuring updated, well-lit, secure locations in the same neighborhoods where you live and work.  Your deposits are as secure and accurate as they would be if you brought them into your credit union or bank.

Do you need immediate access to your deposit in order to cover checks you’ve already written or to make a purchase?  There are several options for making a deposit, including:

  • Deposit Option #1: Cash Deposit – Fee-Free

    Your cash deposits are transmitted by the check casher to your credit union or bank in “real time”.  You’ll have immediate access to your deposited cash within seconds, using your ATM or Debit card.  There is no fee to deposit cash.

  • Deposit Option #2: Check Deposit – Fee-Free

    You may deposit any check, including personal checks, the same as you would at your credit union or bank.  The deposit appears in your account right away but is held for three business days for check clearing.  There is no fee to deposit entire checks.

  • Deposit Option #3:  *Check Cashed then Deposited – Discounted Fee

    You may choose to have the check casher cash your check and then deposit all or a portion of it to your account at a deeply discounted rate from the check cashers’ normal check-cashing fee.  Your funds deposited are immediately available. A fee of 0.5% will be charged for cashing a check up to $999.99 or 1% for cashing a check of $1,000.0 up to a maximum of $6,000.00.  In order to receive this discounted rate, you must deposit a minimum of %20 of the total amount of the check into your account.

*Check Cashers reserve the right to refuse to cash or deposit any check.  Checks refused for cashing by the check casher may still be accepted for deposit, at the discretion of the check casher, with a normal 3-day hold.